·       Our mission is to provide an intensive artistic and social program, offered after-school in the city of Asheville to children in under served populations that uses music education as a transformative and empowering tool to teach life skills.

·       Our vision is that through participation in MusicWorks!,students gain a lifelong interest in music. Music ensembles are used to teach crucial life skills and values including academic achievement, self-expression, teamwork, discipline, self-esteem, creativity, personal responsibility, mentoring others and membership in their community.

·       Our goal is to provide a broad approach to excellence through music education:

1.     starting in Kindergarten, including musicianship, performance, choral and instrumental ensembles and students acting as mentors

2.     home work help and academic enrichment to support academic achievement

3.     an emphasis on learning social behaviors and values to succeed academically and in their community 

4.     a place where parents and community members can gather to promote the success of their children