What keeps you up at night?  

What keeps you up at night?  What the things you worry about for the future of our children?

When I think about all the things that we face each day, all the myriad of problems and challenges that face our children, I come back over and over to literacy.  Children will grow up to inherit all of the social and environmental issues we face today, magnified. I have no doubt in their ability to solve big problems, in their huge hearts which will care for those around them.  But what if they can’t read? What if they don’t have the ability to get information directly for themselves? To learn a new skill or theory by reading and educating themselves? The confidence that literacy brings allows a person self-sufficiency.  Nearly 50% of students in our schools are not reading at grade level. Nearly half of the students at Hall Fletcher Elementary have literacy as a stumbling block to learning.

In MusicWorks we work daily on music, which research tells us develops the brain in ways that assist in literacy.  Learning to hear the sounds, to identify the notes transfers directly to phonics and reading. Also, each child has homework time where they work on literacy skills.  Students who are struggling get specific help in the areas they need from certified teachers with many years of experience. We take it very seriously and you can see the results:  MusicWorks students read at or above grade level at more than 83%.

But it isn’t enough.  Every one of our students are capable of reading.  Every. One. Maybe these students came into school behind.  Maybe they have a learning or behavioral difficulty. Maybe they need differentiated instruction.  Because we work in small groups we are able to identify needs and continue to work toward 100% of students reading at or above grade level.  There is no greater work in my opinion. Every child should have access to the world of words, so that they may make their own choices in life.  Create their own solutions based on a broad base of knowledge. Find answers to their questions in this busy and difficult world.

Will you help us?  Will you join us? $90 will support one teacher for one day.  $15 supports one day for a student. Click here to support our students.


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Asheville Amadeus - MW! students perform for international Grammy Award winning pianist Emanuel Ax

MW! students performed for international pianist Emanuel Ax and his protégé Orion Weiss at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville. The pianists were in town for the Asheville Symphony's successful Asheville Amadeus festival which brought together many wonderful artistic, cultural, and culinary institutions across the city. The students played with and for the pianists, variations on Mozart's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.   

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