Our Program

In the spirit of El Sistema we enrich the lives of our students and community through our intensive music program. Our multi-pronged approach helps to develop healthy minds and bodies working in concert together. Below are some of the key building blocks of our program.


Academic Enrichment

Our specialists, certified teachers, work with students to complete homework and to develop skills in reading and math. We take pride in working together with classroom teachers to meet the needs of each student.


Students have the chance to exercise, to get out the wiggles out, to enjoy cooperative games like soccer, kickball, and basketball each afternoon.

Healthy Snack

Hall Fletcher provides us with a daily snack. Parents often supplement with donations of fresh fruits and vegetables. Several times a month, special guest artists join us for snack to demonstrate their skills and talents on various instruments. 

Music Instruction

Students work with master musicians and music educators in the areas of rhythm (bucket band), music theory (musicianship), singing (choir), and instrumental music (strings, winds, percussion). We schedule full orchestra, sectional, and individual rehearsals each week.

Social and Emotional Intelligence

We use research based methods to teach social and emotional intelligence skills designed to help students develop skills for both academic and social success. We work tireless to ensure that MW! students learn self-regulation and executive function skills that help them pay attention, remember directions, control their behavior, making friends, manage emotions, and solve problems. For more on how we do this, see here.